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The Master of Macabre

It's horror meets the streets in a unique twisted musical blend of spoken word raps mixed to dark trip-hop instrumentals. Ground breaking and thought provoking Flatline always finds a way to recreate himself musically as he is a true musical trend setter with his trademark stamp on each of his works. Hailing from Buffalo, NY. Flatline was dubbed now carrying the title as the "Master of Macabre" as he often delves into pitch black darkness with his often eerie story telling lyrics to very dark and haunting instrumentals.
Early On
Flatline first began dabbling into music when he was around the age of 10 with keyboards and guitar. When he started highschool is where he began writing short stories and poems which helped develop his writing style.  He wrote his first song entitled Dirt Poor at around 16 and hadn't made a serious enough effort to get into recording music for another few years. By 1999 Flatline now made the conscious decision to write more music and see what came of it. In late 1999 the concept was there and in spring of 2000 he recorded "The War Within Oneself" in his basement with a 4-track  tape recorder, a toy plastic record player, a casio keyboard, and a $20 microphone. The project was only handed out to a few friends before Flatline backed away from music as he pursued his dream as an Professional Wrestler on the independent scene...
Starting a serious career in music with a 2 man rap group in 2004 called T.S.F.P. along side long time homie Asshole Don, the two released some of the most shocking yet still slept on music in the underground. Their first album "Dirt Poor The Album" became a cult classic hit with songs like "Hoopdeville" and "Don't Like Me". The 2 continued moving forward releasing an EP entitled "Suicide Notes" and it's follow up full length album "Intent 2 Sell". Over the next few years T.S.F.P. was playing hundreds of local Live shows getting mixed reactions yet growing a dedicated following. Personal issues led Asshole Don to depart from the group leaving Flatline to continue on with a solo career in music.
In 2007 Flatline broadened his music as he experimented with new sounds as he was producing his artistic style. Although he recorded his 2nd solo album follow up to his 2000 release with "Never Dead" a dark style vision of reality and perception while still a member of T.S.F.P. in 2005,  by 2007 he was in the lab making what many called "wacked out instrumentals" and then released 
"White Noize".  That album seemed to be a nitch in what Flatline does as an artist and continues till this day feeding a story mixed to dark haunting music. By the end of 2007 Flatline took to writing very deep personal material and recorded a follow up full length album entitled "Asylum".
Between 2008 and 2009 Flatline was playing Live nearly every weekend throughout Buffalo and it's surrounding areas (Rochester, Syracuse, Geneva, ect...). In the summer of 2009 he was approached by a booking and management firm where he later signed a 1 year developmental contract. As Flatline took time to start writing new material for an album that was to be shopped to labels for a record deal, the management firm sat stagnant with the contract and Flatline was forced to ride the remaining time of the contract out. During that time Flatline released the "Firewalker" EP as a free download instead of finishing it as the full length project that was to be shopped my management.
Under contract restriction to move forward solely, Flatline put together a monthly show at a long time favorite concert spot (Club Diablo), and rode the rest of his contract out. In October of 2010 Flatline released "Rotten Flesh" The Mind Possessing Instrumentals.
In late August of 2010 Flatline formed Kamp Crystal Lake.
And took to the stage hard in 2011 as they joind a few dates on Hopsin's I am Rap Tour. K.C.L. released their debut album "KILLAZ" on Friday May 13th of 2011 and followed up with "KILLING FIELDS" on Friday the 13th, September of 2013.
  New unknown teaser promo then surfaced stating
"Kampfire Stories For The People"

In 2014 the Pioneers of Horrorcore The FLATLINERZ
and FLATLINE joined forces where he has been seen on stage and in music videos with the Legends, as well as producing new music for their 6ix Trilogy albums then putting out 2 of his own FLATLINERZ albums, called 
The FLATL1N3 Metal Sessions.