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The Master of Macabre


Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Alias: F13, Flatline716, Mr.716,
Rigor Mortis, The Master of Macabre

Association: The Flatlinerz, FlatLineMassive, 
Kamp Crystal Lake, Horror House Entertainment

Horror meets the streets in a unique twisted musical blend of spoken word raps layed down over dark industrial trip-hop mixed with hardcore street bangers. Ground breaking and thought provoking Flatline always finds a way to recreate himself musically as he is a true musical trend setter with his trademark stamp on each of his works. Hailing from Buffalo, NY.  dubbed the 71Sick or 71triple6, Flatline was once described as  now carrying the title as the "Master of Macabre" as he often delves into pitch black darkness with his often eerie story telling lyrics to very dark and haunting instrumentals.