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Funny True Story

Heres a Funny True Story....
My first Live performance was in the summer of 2004 at an outdoor 2 day Punk Rock festival in Freedom, NY with my 1st band T.S.F.P. (Ten Secondz From Postal). 
We were the only HipHop/Rap group on the Bill... We were pushing our first pressed CD entitled Dirt Poor The Album. 
The Host of the event took stage and said "are you ready to switch things up here?" "our next act is a rap group from Buffalo, NY" 
Then he screamed on top of his lungs 
"Please Welcome - POOR-WHITE-TRASH!!!!!!" 
Really??? Poor White Trash??? LMAO.... We took the stage and rocked the fuck outa that place. When we got off stage we were met by dozens of ladies who wanted us to come to their campsites and put us up for the night. 
10 years later, Im still doin the damn thing.