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Biggest Secret of Career Exposed!!!

I have heard people for years asking where they can find my old music. So much undiscovered unheard material so hard to get your hands on.... I will now explain why.... In the beginning of it all I had a plan that I stuck to. I said I would not release but one copy of every production I ever put out making an exception but once for one until later years. That's right, I never released albums to the public for sale nor to anyone for that matter except for one person.... I knew if that one person who was given that copy out of my own choosing wanting that person to hear it, that if they listened to it and never bumped it again, I was just as much forgotten as I was attempting to make music. However if that CD happened to be duplicated and circulated by means of taken a liking to it then it would flourish only by the means of word of mouth. This dates back to my first recording started in 1999 when I released "The War Within Oneself". One copy was put out.... During the next few years I heard people telling me that they heard I was a rapper... This to me was amazing because it meant that copies of that album which completed in 2000 made it from the one hand I gave it to, into other hands and beyond. Who knows how many people may have it in their possession I thought...? Even to this day...? Over the next few years I focused more on my wrestling career where I would still hear from random fans they heard my album. As things were taking a turn in the wrestling world I found myself writing again. This time joined along side by a long time highschool homie. T.S.F.P. was then formed in 2004. Knowing at the end of our recording the album he would not grasp not pushing the album I  had 1,000 copies of "Dirt Poor The Album" pressed. Landing in Mall record stores locally and pushing copies independently at shows and out of trunks at basketball courts across Buffalo 800 copies were sold in 2 years. The other box of 200 albums was hid and locked away  like a time capsule. When the next T.S.F.P. albums were made "Suicide Notes" and "Intent 2 Sell" and my next Solo album "Never Dead"  they were on that same 1 copy release as I started. Only this time around it was big in the internet myspace days of getting a band page and releasing music for online stream. So that is what we did. We released a few select tracks both new and old for stream and thats where it ended. Other than getting a copy of the album on the way "underground scene" you were assed out, only to hope to catch something new of what we performed Live in Concert. Over the next 4 years I continued to put out solo albums "White Noize" being my first instrumental release with vocals to only 2 songs to set the tone of the album, in hopes to inspire writers to tell the middle to my story of an intro and closing filling in the middle part of my album. "Asylum"  then followed with 18 tracks of my most deepest personal struggles in life laid out, which amongst longtime supporters is considered some of my best work ever. Then the confusing area of signing with a not so motivated management firm that sat on me and my projects for over a year. So I took my newest release where it stood at the point of realization where I was on the list of priorities and I released it myself as an EP for random online giveaways. "Hope 4 Hopelessness" became somewhat of a buzz and got passed around quite a bit leading to much underground rotation circulation and local interview press coverage. As I rode out my contract to October of 2010 I had my name enough known locally to host local events as I rode out my contract and worked on new material. Album names were up in the air for a long time over most of 2010 as I was writing 2 albums till I finally stripped the lyrics completely of my work and released online for purchase  "Rotten Flesh: The Mind Possessing Instru-Mentals" on October 31st 2010. Since I never really fully stuck behind what I had written to these tracks I always found myself writing more or new lyrics... thus why calling it "The Mind Possessing Instru-Mentals". Having come in to agreement for a side project asked to be by local rapper Dark Bluud, I began writing for what would become "Kamp Crystal Lake: K.C.L. Killaz" released to the world as of 2011.  I seen a real musical connection with Dark Bluud and our then soon to be joined  by the most metal voice in hip-hop ever, Jo3ker, we delivered a horrorcore masterpiece. There are now several albums I have yet to release if they ever see light of day, but my dedication has been to working on the new K.C.L. album. Even in rough times amongst the group, I wrote 2 albums worth of material I just awaited for a name to strike me on those solo releases but as would be the case... the tide would bring me back into the lake. So....... there it is in the shortest way to explain it possible. I rose to all I achieved by word of mouth embedded so deep in the underground it made my past decade + possible. Where others have scratched their heads never knowing what made it all tick I felt the timing is right to tell you what only I have really known for the last 13 years. It spawned in 1999 and slowly spread on almost unacknowledged levels but enough to make its mark and turn heads. Now... the best is yet to come, Becuz, the roots are so strong and theres no denying the fact. When the wind blows a quiet storm, its those in opposition, those not respecting the planting, that will be uprooted. I hope U enjoyed hearing my career exposed...? 
I have 2 things to leave you with... 1st -  Solo Albums written and not yet released will make its way in the same fashion as my first release, with one copy to that one person I feel at that moment that I feel should have it.... what happens from there is up to them. 2nd - is you can catch a glimpse of  my past work online when you visit sites of old, where they lay embodied in time, giving a mere thought provoking story into what has yet to be heard. And believe me, the story written far exceeds the leaks that were put out into the open. I know what it means to be underground, and your still diggin to hear it. \m/

PS. In early 2009 I opened the last box of 200 CD's of "Dirt Poor The Album" and gave away copies randomly at shows along with 100 pressed copies of  a Collection called "Underground Hits" . The last crate of 100 copies wouldnt be seen until the Christmas Spook Show where everyone got a free copy of the album... also a limited 25 repressed copies of  "Underground Hits" from 2009 were handed out by myself playing but "maybe" not really playing a Drunk Santa for Spook Shows Seasons Beatings Event in 2010.