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Scare-a-Mony Awards

Spook Show
Scare-a-Mony Awards
The first Spook Show of 2011 was held this past Thursday night January 27th at Club Diablo. A Night that those who did attend will remember for a lifetime due to the out side bitter cold Buffalo weather, as well as the performances of the night.

This night billed "The Scare-a-Mony Awards" was a fan participation vote style event for the Performance of 2010. And with the return Live performance by the performers of 2010 this night made a kick ass night for all. For the first time since June of 2010 DREK made their return to the Spook Show 
stirring the crowd into a frenzy of moshpits and psycho-dancing. 
Drek Returns to the Spook Show Huge. Glad to see you guys back. 

2nd to hit the stage was Horrorcore Rapper Dark Blood. To say that the crowd fell asleep would be a Lie. The crowd was Live as Fuck giving the young talented rapper a much well deserved deafening ovation. All around, a well set as he nailed each lyric with precise delivery slaughtering all those in attendance.

Last but Not Least. Pig Rectum took Stage at about 11:30pm and destroyed all boundaries if any were standing at all. They shredded the stage into small splinters and glued it back together with the metal they slayed so they had a stage to play. If you have ever been in a Pig Rectum moshpit then u know not much in life can get much more brutal... except for maybe 

Both Pig Rectum and Drek tied for the Performance of 2010 getting 23% of the vote a piece taking nearly half of the votes. 
To All in Attendance, Thank You for the Support.